Vapo’s strategy and new ventures

Mia Suominen, Business Area Director, Vapo Oy, Vapo Ventures


My professional experience combines research and business: I’ve worked half of my career at Vapo Group in bioenergy business, and half at MTT Agrifood Research Finland (at present LUKE Natural resources institute Finland) in research.
At business world, I have driven change, such as Vapo’s environmental turnaround programme and I have launched new businessess for Vapo.
In my academic career, I have written a Doctoral Thesis and nearly a hundred different publications and have participated in many international research projects and conferences.
I have over 20 years of experience in leadership and management, and 15 years in advocacy, board and management team work ( Finnish Bioenergy Association, Finnish Energy Industries, Finnish Forest Industries).
The keywords that describe my skills are bioenergy, environmental issues, sustainability, new businesses, research and development, innovation and change management.

About the speech:

I will talk about a renewal going on at Vapo Oy, which is a 75 year-old-company acting currently as a strong fuel and energy solution supplier in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
Vapo Group is the world’s largest producer of energy peat and environmental peat, and it provides also wood energy and pellets.
However, in recent years Vapo has been actively seeking growth by creating new and innovative business solutions outside from energy sector, which are now in a start-up or investment decision phase, and which may change Vapo a lot in the future.
New businesses include:
CLEAN WATERS – natural water treatment solutions for built environment, agriculture and forestry
VAPO FIBERS – peat fibers for fiber product industry
VAPO CARBONS- technical carbons for purifications of liquids and gases