Doubling the efficiency of power from biomass

Michael Bartlett, CTO, Phoenix BioPower


Michael Bartlett is co-founder of Phoenix BioPower and has worked with R&D and project management in the energy and transport segment for the past 20 years, including GE, Vattenfall and Scania. He has a PhD from KTH in chemical engineering.

About the speech: 

To continue growing in renewable power production, a cost-effective and renewable alternative to intermittent wind and solar is required. Phoenix BioPower is developing the ground-breaking BTC technology to double the electrical efficiency from biomass compared with today’s technology. Our vision for BTC is “60-30”:  60% electrical efficiency from biomass by 2030. This will enable profitable and plannable renewable power.

Come and meet us while we present the BTC plant, our roadmap to 2030 and discuss how this will affect you.