Capturing carbon with chemical looping combustion

Toni Pikkarainen, VTT


Toni Pikkarainen has worked with R&D of fluidized bed combustion over 15 years, in a boiler manufacturer company and in VTT since 2005. He is experienced especially in fluidized bed air and oxyfuel combustion and chemical looping combustion.

About the speech:

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and bioenergy are necessity technologies for achieving climate policy objectives motivated by their combined ability to produce very significant negative emissions via BECCS (Bioenergy-CCS). Chemical looping combustion (CLC) is a novel, promising technology for BECCS: the lowest energy requirements of known CO2 capture technologies and potential to improve electricity generation efficiency by avoiding high-temperature corrosion risk of conventional biomass combustion. In this presentation is introduced the basics of the CLC technology, the first pilot scale experimental results and preliminary techno-economical assessments.