Centennial biomass opportunities in Finland!

This year, Finland celebrates 100 years as an independent nation. Over the century the country has carved out an international renown with businesses that have grown into global majors in sectors such as forestry, forest products industry and mechanical engineering to mention a few.

And although highly industrialised with energy intensive industries, Finland is one of only three European Union Member States where the share of fossil fuels in energy consumption is under 50 percent.

According to Eurostat, fossil fuels in Finnish energy consumption 2015 had a 46 percent share. That is set to drop further and at a rapid pace. In its “Energy and Climate Strategy for 2030 and Beyond”, the Finnish government proposed amongst other things to phase out the use of coal in energy production by 2030 and to have climate-neutral energy production by 2050.

There are substantial investments going into new bioenergy plants, especially in Southern Finland and it’s metropolitan areas, where significant share fossil fuels such as coal and gas are still used. The upcoming Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference in Helsinki is the perfect opportunity to get updated on what is happening, to make yourself known among Finnish, Nordic and Baltic participants and of course do business.

Have a look at our map with some recent examples of bioenergy initiatives around the Baltic Sea and read more at Bioenergy International.

And Finland is not alone in having made and making significant investments into bioenergy solutions; the entire Baltic Sea Region is a bioenergy showcase from small heat plants to advanced biorefineries. In Helsinki, you will meet the experts and companies that are active in the bioenergy sector on the Nordic-Baltic markets.
Welcome to Helsinki 29 – 31 March!